Sunday, November 28, 2004

Nest Decisions

Well, I thought Alice's new nest basket was a done deal. Shows what I know.

Alice was in the basket this morning before going to work, but thankfully had assumed her sleeping perch on the bifold door before it was time to leave. I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to be tough to get her out of her nest basket if/when that needs to happen.

She was "up" early today...she decided it was time to get up and DO something by 3:30 PM. That meant that instead of sitting and dozing on her perch in my office at work, she was hopping onto my desk. Thankfully people in town have been saving egg cartons for Alice. For whatever reason, she LOVES to shred them. And there were stacks of them at work. Normally Alice leaves them alone there, but this afternoon she worked on shredding some. She still bounced around from pile to pile, and once landed on the arm of my chair. (Yes, she can manage all this while tethered.)

So tonight I figured she'd be into her nest basket right away. I didn't catch her in it, but she was perched close to and facing it everytime I checked in her room. After paging me a second time with a hoot, I came up to check on her again. She started getting clucky, but went straight into her OLD nest box without even looking at the nest basket!

Maybe the nest basket is just a novelty...she's very curious about new things. I've got a lot to learn.

Alice standing on her new nest basket, with her nest box to the right.