Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting Started

The good folks at Badger Corrugating in LaCrosse loading up Laurel's trailer.

My yard now looks like a lumberyard. My dear neighbor Laurel Oien has been Roger's indefatiguable assistant. Roger hauled the steel from Badger Corrugating (half of which was donated) and Laurel hauled two loads of lumber they sold us at cost for the project. Laurel also hauled another load of Quikrete from Badger (again at cost) and we had a bit of an eventful ride home. It seems in an effort to make it easier for us to unload the 60 lb bags by hand, they were loaded in the back of the trailer, behind the wheels. Needless to say 80 bags of this stuff lifted up the hitch a bit, and with it the back end of the pickup. Let's just say there was some serious fishtailing followed by some manual moving of many of the bags to the front of the trailer, and we all arrived safely.

Here Roger Meyer, Laurel Oien and my fiance Hein Bloem unload the trusses by hand.

Then it was off to West Salem to get the trusses from Select Trusses and Lumber, which they sold us at cost. Thankfully it was a totally uneventful trip.

Then there were pallets purchased from a surplus store that Hein Bloem, my fiance, disassembled for the wood. He took apart 10 pallets and it took an hour each, but we got some great (cheap) lumber out of the deal.

Hein patiently taking apart a pallet.