Thursday, January 20, 2011

Streaming Issues

Technology is can do anything. If you know how to make it do it.

The Ustream cam has been down a LOT most of the time. The problem isn't Ustream's...the problem is that I'm streaming Rusty and Iris to Cornell Lab of Ornithology's website too! They've got a citizen science nest watch project where folks can post their observations, see video highlights, and watch a variety of different birds nest.

It took a while to figure out how to get my video feed to stream properly to their website (thankfully that wasn't my job to figure out!), but now that it's up, the problem is that my internet connection is too slow in the upstream department, and Ustream seems to take lower priority. So at any rate, I need to adjust my internet connection again! My go-to guy at our local phone company is out until Monday, so you'll probably have to put up with the Ustream cam mostly being down during that time.

On the up side, you can watch the nest cam on Cornell's website! They have limited bandwidth, so I think only up to 25 people can watch at a time, and I think you can only watch for 10 minutes at a time. But at least you can get your Rusty and Iris fix!


  1. Karla: thats to bad just when things are starting to heat up a little between them. Oh well. I'll keep checking in and check the Cornell site. thanks for all your hard work.


  2. I was delighted to find Rusty & Iris on the Cornell site. I visit there often to watch many different species, but especially the barn owls in Texas. Their broadcast has always been reliable, the only difficulties being at the camera end. And you CAN watch beyond 10 minutes--they just want you to acknowledge you're there (click to continue)so the bandwidth isnt used for people who have walked away from their computers.

    mary in Illinois