Friday, July 01, 2011

Taking a Bath

OK, so yesterday wasn't as hot as it will be today...over 100 F without the heat index!! You know it's bad when the owls are panting at 5 AM. I'm amazed the technology out in the cages can handle this heat, but it does somehow.

Not surprisingly, Rusty had a bath this morning to help keep cool. Iris watched from the top of the hide box. Basically it's the same as a little bird taking a bath, except slower and bigger splashes.


  1. After watching Rusty bathe, YouTube put up Alice bathing, and drinking, and eating: pocket gopher, cricket, attempted tree frog. Not many people would be willing to give over their living space for the sake of an owl. It looks like it is more her home, than yours. Good for you that you found a companion who is willing to accept those living arrangements!

  2. You really are getting really hot weather! Here in Toronto, it's hot, but not that hot! I'm glad that Rusty and Iris can cool off in their "swimming hole"!! And I hope you are finding ways to keep cool, too! Thanks for the video and the post! It's always good to hear from you, Karla!


  3. Wonder if they miss trees? mandozee

  4. Never seen a GHO do a 'shower dance'.