Sunday, December 09, 2012

More woodshavings and a general owl update

Since Rusty already has his nest dug down to China, I decided it was high time to add some more wood shavings to give us a chance of seeing the eggs this year.  The wood shavings are a by-products of Roger Meyer's wonderful woodwork.

Rusty and Iris have been copulating since mid-November, so they're already gearing up for breeding.

Alice is of course busy with her own nest, but is spending the bulk of her nights outside in her new patio.  She normally lays the beginning of January.

It seems Delilah has settled in with Rhett, as we heard them hooting waaaay over in Rhett's territory, where Scarlett was hooting with him last fall.  Victor continues to hoot alone.

That's the news from Houston.  Stay tuned for more exciting owl updates!

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