Friday, March 15, 2013

Alice Tries to Steal Iris' Thunder

While Iris' egg was peeping and getting ready to hatch (which it did last night), Alice wanted her share of the attention too.  So she laid another egg yesterday!  That explains why she hasn't wanted to go to work lately.

She already laid two eggs and sat on them for 33 days, the normal incubation period.  I removed them a week before the Owl Festival, and now two weeks later she laid another egg.  She's never double-clutched like this before.  This is why I let her incubate the full time if possible, so she DOESN'T lay another clutch.

So now I'll wait to see if she lays another egg three days later.  Then I'll give her a little time and take them away.  And maybe I'll need to remove the nest basket too so she goes back to work....