Friday, July 26, 2013

Owl Poetry

It seems we have some poets among the Rusty and Iris cam chatters!  I'd like to share the following fun poems with you:

critter oh critter
when you're gone we are bitter
cuz we need our cam sitter
and when when she's gone we send rose to git her

by teachcon

3 little P's perched by the wall
2 of which are having a ball
These little owls are as nosy as can beEach one ready to fly through the trees.
Meticulous grooming referred to as preeningIs what we humans think of as cleaning
Each little feather must be perfectly in place
To show all of us each beautiful face

by wyoranch

Pandora, Patience, Patrick and Iris all lined up on the door.
Rusty down below since there's no room for one owl more.
Five beautiful owls we are privileged to watch and see,
each one as unique as you and me.
Three little ones we have witnessed blossom and grow.
Their lives have touched ours more than they'll ever know.
What discoveries are yet to be made by these precious few?
Only time will tell but one thing is true,
Their calls and hoots began much younger than thought.
Karla has proof on tape - their voices have been caught!
Someday before long a new adventure awaits each,
their sole mission here was for them to teach.
Into the great outdoor world they will live and fly free,
to mate and to nest in their very own tree.
Their mission here will all too soon be complete.
Congratulations to all for this extraordinary feat.

by wyoranch


  1. Those are great poems, thanks to teach and wyo. Critterwatcher :)

  2. love these got posted now i can read them again and again thanks karla!

  3. Thank you for posting. Wyo is quite the poet! And I'm sure Teach was surprised to see her cute poem posted too :)

  4. Teach and Wyo. Thanks for sharing your poems with us. I enjoyed reading them.

  5. All your poems have touched my heart, I've learned so much so thanks to all. Mistymate64