Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More Hauling

Caledonia Ready Mix pouring the footings.

The next step in the process was to get 7.5 yards of concrete to fill in the footings for the cages. (Did I mention that these cages are going to be VERY well built and will be around for the long haul???) There was a little extra concrete left at the end, so Roger, always thinking ahead, had a form ready for a little concrete pad where the entrance to the release training cage will be. And there was just the right amount of concrete for the pad when all was said and done.

Laurel and Roger setting the 6x6 bases for the walls.

After the long and HOT holiday weekend the concrete had had plenty of time to set. So Roger and Laurel spent yesterday setting out the 6x6s around the base of the cages and anchoring them to the concrete footings.

Donnie Sylling unloading rock donated by Milestone Materials with J.C. Nerstad's Four Season Maintenance Truck.

While Laurel and Roger worked, the rock was delivered. Milestone Materials donated 12 yards of 2" clean rock to go down on the base of the floor to help with drainage and 27 yards of pea gravel to make up the floor of the cages. Pea gravel can stay relatively clean, can be washed, isn't weedy, and is good for the owls' feet. J.C. Nerstad of Four Season Maintenance loaned a truck for the hauling job, my Dad (Karl Sylling) put fuel in it, and my Dad's cousin Donnie Sylling did the driving. It took five loads to get it all here from Caledonia, so it was an all-day job. But it's here now!