Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Yes, They're Crazy

Laurel and Roger working in the mud.
Roger is serious about this project and isn't wasting time. He isn't going to let a little (or a lot) of rain put a stop to the work! So he and Laurel have been out working rain or shine. Laurel said last Friday that he grew about six inches thanks to all the mud that caked on the bottom of his boots while they worked. So what have they been doing in the rain? Starting to run CAT 5 wires for the security cameras through PVC pipe that will be buried in the trench to the house. Filling in some of the trenches, and getting the bath pans set up.

Laurel putting the bath pan in place.
The owls need to be able to take baths in their cages, and thanks to Roger, our owls won't just have plain bath pans. They are going to have a "shower area" with a shower head up above a bath pan, so the water can run and the owls can cool themselves on hot days. The tarp and rock will help with drainage in the cage so the ground doesn't get wet and soggy...it'll run away where it's supposed to.

Roger nailing wire mesh to the 6x6 base.
In order to prevent digging critters from getting into the owl cages, there is 24" of wire mesh buried into the ground around the entire perimeter of the cages. Granted a Great Horned Owl could eat most things that might try to get into the cages, but we don't want any coyotes trying to get in! Roger and Laurel got to this before it rained.

Meet Roger Meyer, the man making this dream come true.
I thought I should include a nice face shot of Roger since I finally got a photo of something other than his backside while he's working!

Meet Laurel Oien, Roger's faithful sidekick in this adventure.
Laurel is a great neighbor. He plows my driveway, hauls things to the dump, fixes the fence to keep the cows out, checks on my house while I'm away, and anything else I need help with. He's also worked with Roger on several other volunteer projects, so it was a natural for him to get in on this big project.