Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rusty gets clean

Rusty at the nest basket in the cage.

It's been exciting to watch Rusty and Iris and how they interact. They are most active at dawn and dusk, which you would expect from crepuscular birds (the term "crepuscular" means most active at dawn and dusk.)

Sometimes they eat shortly after I feed them in the evening, but last night they waited until this morning to eat. Iris seems to eat first, then Rusty eats. Iris has cached some food (hidden it for later), and I can't say for sure if she goes back to the caches to finish it off. Rusty hasn't cached food that I've seen.

It rained yesterday and for a while Rusty and Iris both sat on the perch that's exposed to the rain. Around 6:30 PM, though, Rusty went in for a full bath, splashing around in the bath pan. Surprisingly, he took ANOTHER bath this morning after he had breakfast! Alice the Great Horned Owl doesn't bathe nearly that much, so I'm curious to see what kind of bathing habits they develop long-term.


  1. Hello, I was watching the Owl tonight (11-9) and there was a couple events. around 9:45PST I heard what sounded like dogs or coyotes howling and it seemed to get the owl stirred up. It made some screeching type noises. a bit later it made some very spooky sounds, at 9:52PST and 9:57PST. Could have been possibly been an Owl outside. I'll probably watch your cam more in the future! Take Care

  2. Thanks for your comments! I really appreciate you taking the time to post them.

    Yes, those were coyotes howling here. The other sounds you heard were kind of "whiny" chitters which Iris does quite a bit when she's nervous or upset. Sometimes she'll fly and hang on the chain link out of frustration and then chitter when she lands again, which is what you heard at 9:57PST.