Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Rusty sleeping with his face in the camera.

If you've been watching the Rusty and Iris cam lately, you've seen a lot of action...that is if you consider SLEEPING to be action. And Rusty has a nice tendency to sleep with his face just inches from the nest camera, with Iris hidden behind him.

Owls sleep during the day. We all knew that. It's a fairly light sleep, and you'll see them popping an eye open at the slightest sound, or taking time to preen. But generally they're sleeping.

But they also sleep at night! OK, I wasn't expecting this. But I knew Great Horned Owls were more crepuscular than strictly nocturnal. That means they are most active at dawn and dusk. And if you've been watching, they most certainly are most active at dawn and dusk. And they often take a nap after their dusk frolics and feasting! Yep, conked out on a branch dozing around 10:30 PM or so. Who'd have thunk it?

When owls blink their upper lid goes down, just like us. But when they sleep, their lower lid goes up! That's how you can tell when they're sleeping, especially when Rusty is right up to the camera. And they settle their heads down on their shoulders. Sleeping...owl style.

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