Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Owlets taken out of the nest, 2:47 pm, 4-8-13

Rusty and Iris were NOT happy campers about having their owlets removed from the nest. My mistake was I took #1 first...the biggest and clackiest! All of #1's bill clacking got Iris to fly over to the nest, despite me being there. I quickly closed the door before she came at me. You can hear #1 clacking as well as louder bill clacks from Iris. Surprisingly Rusty was even there to help defend the nest...although at a little more of a distance. From what I've read, the male just flies off and lets the female deal with nest defense because as we all know, the females are bigger and meaner. I waited for a while before removing one of the owlets because Rusty and Iris were on the side perch staring daggers at me. I didn't dare do anything until they flew farther away. I added a stuffed owl (a Snowy, but it was the one that looked most like the fluffy owlets). Iris couldn't have cared less. So much for that idea.


  1. Lots of cool vocalizations and beak snapping there. Love the stuffed owlet too, lol. How did the banding go? I was out of town yesterday.