Sunday, November 10, 2013

Map of the Owlets' Travels

View Pandora, Patrick and Patience Locations in a larger map

Pandora is yellow

Patrick is blue
Patience is pink

Pushpins mean a pretty close location
Round pins are only ballpark

Please be respectful of the owls, us, and our neighbors.  This map is intended for you to share in the explorations of the owls, but not as an invitation for you to visit the area to try to see them.  The owlets will fare better if they don't have to deal with any more humans than the few that live here.  Thank you for your kindness and consideration.


  1. OK, these guys are getting hard to track now that they're on the move!! We've got an omni-directional antenna ordered, and we're looking for a pilot to take us up when the time comes that we simply have no idea where they are.

  2. Seems like the owlets are not going to remain together, choosing rather to disperse on their own adventures into the world?