Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Delilah Comes to Visit

Now that the owlets are out and on their own, I'm leaving the door to the flight pen open for a while.  This is so I can still put out food on their regular feeding tray and they can come and mooch if needed.  So far no takers, although Patrick was back in the neighborhood for a bit this morning.

So with the door open, I'm hoping that the wild owls will make an appearance.  Tonight we had a heck of a hootenanny going on with Rhett and Delilah in the yard, Alice hooting in her outdoor patio, and Rusty and Iris going nuts trying to defend their little territory.

I knew it was going to go on forever, so I left since it was time to make supper.  As I was making supper I kept peeking at the cams, saying "One of these owls simply has to go into the flight pen!"

So when I got back on to my computer after supper, I saw that critterwatcher had sent me a photo of an owl standing in the open door!  Whoa!!!!  So who was it?  I can only tell by voice, not by seeing them, so I immediately pulled up the video.  Thankfully the owl in question hooted repeatedly: it was Delilah!

After I went to bed at least two owls came INTO the flight pen.  I haven't had a chance to review and figure out who it was, but they didn't eat the gopher on the food tray.

Today's the big day for Rusty's surgery!!

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  1. Wow! It was quite a night and thrilling to see Rhett. Can't wait to see Delilah too. For today, I will be wishing Rusty the best and I really can't wait to see him back safely with his beloved Iris and joining the nightly hootenanny. MapleOwl